Review: Lost In You

Lost In You
Lost In You by Sommer Marsden

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A smart savvy female becoming romantically involved with her client generates quite the erotic sparks. Clover Brite is a project manager contractor extraordinaire. From a professional standpoint, she easily manages her day to day tasks and removes all obstacles. The renovation of a large mall complex is a great job to build upon her reputation. When she finally meets the owner of the mall, it's kismet.

Dorian Martin is a reformed playboy. He is rich yet down to earth. He is trapped in the mall during a severe storm with Clover. The chemistry between the two of them is lightning hot. The budding romance is sweet. The characters both started out quite well. Clover is admirable. Dorian is sexy and smooth. As reality returns, Clover is no longer so appealing.

While the sex is decent in this story, the characters become a bit undesirable. This is on purpose to drive the conflict between Clover and Dorian. Clover turns from a mature female into a basket case with daddy issues. Her calm and collected demeanor switching to a whiny drama queen with low self-esteem issues made for a difficult read the last half of the book. The interactions between Clover and Dorian as Clover's insecurities arise are painful to witness. She's a bit psychotic and if I were Dorian, I'd have dropped her and moved on. He doesn't need her brand of crazy.

From a romantic perspective, Ms. Marsden does a lovely job. The grand gestures Dorian performs for Clover are "sweep a girl off her feet" amazing. They are thoughtful if a bit extravagant. Dorian is a sweet guy who also has some daddy issues but he doesn't let it get in his way. I think better of Dorian for this.

The descriptions of the buildings and locations are all vivid and well done. The reader can see each place clearly. Ms. Marsden is very good at showing through actions. This makes for a good read. The story flowed very well in spite of the unhinged female lead. Clover isn't a bad person. She's just a bit too high maintenance for my tastes which is why it is unappealing to me. From a realistic standpoint, Clover is sadly accurate to many real life people. She's probably a bit more balanced than some of the people in the real world. Overall, this story is a sweet romance with a lovely happily ever after. This contemporary romance is recommended to hopeless romantics.

*I received this book as a gift

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