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Neighboring AffairsNeighboring Affairs by Cheryl Dragon

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Lovers torn apart during a time when manlove is forbidden may require a clever cover to bring lovers together.

George Hardwick, Earl of Thistledown, and Myles Harris are childhood friends. As they grow up, they find their friendship develops into more. With a plan in place to live together forever, they blissfully go about their love affair. Unfortunately for them, Myles' father doesn't agree. The two are ripped apart with false pretenses, each thinking they are protecting the other.

This story is predictable from beginning to end. This does not lessen the sweetness of this historical romance. Ms. Dragon does a credible job of writing a historical m/m romance in keeping with society's rules for that era. It explains why the conflicts occurred and how easy it was for Myles' dastardly father to pit the two lovers against each other. This tale starts out years later when the two are reunited after Myles' father and older brother have passed away.

The tone of this story is sweet. There is also a gentle undercurrent of longing. The sex between the two lovers when they give in to their desires is also gentle and loving. Overall, this smooth read is written with an even pace and believable resolution. There are no complication or contrived misunderstandings. The separation between good and evil is clear. This m/m tale is recommended to those who enjoy historical romances.

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      Neighboring Affairs




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