Review: Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2)

Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2)
Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2) by Tara Crescent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Part two in this series keeps the sexy medical play alive and well. The reader is also given some more insight into Lisa's past and why she knows about BDSM. She also shares her fears with the reader. It always makes me wonder when a much older man dates a very young girl. Why does he do it? It isn't the sex exactly since we know men of that age can't compete in sex drive with a younger man. This possessing, manipulating and destroying of a young woman's identity must be too attractive for selfish arrogant men. I've met too many of these men which is probably why I connected to this story more and wanted to lob off Nick's balls with a dull rusty spoon.

It seems Patrick also has some issues with his past. He's been a dominant before and he fears something, which is yet to be revealed. The two are slowly building trust for each other. They still aren't quite there as they argue with themselves if they share their painful past with each other. This is where an author inserts conflict which Ms. Crescent doesn't fail to do. While this is predictable, it's also quite a sad commentary about humans. Lisa is obviously still suffering low self-esteem with some emotional baggage. Not really the kind of female I like. Her running from the slightest conflict is annoying. One can tell she's a bit fucked up in the head with her comment below.

I [Lisa] couldn’t help but think that I was just a series of Matryoshka dolls. Open up the capable business owner, and there was the girl who had rejected submission and love in favour of survival and self-respect. Open her up, and there was the barely healed welts of Nick O’Malley’s control. (loc. 253-255)

Rather than digress with how I don't understand people who allow themselves to be held hostage by an asshole years later, I'm going to move on to the sex. Ms. Crescent doesn't disappoint with her lovely medical play. The orders Patrick gives Lisa are smoking hawt and quite distracting. From an arousal factor, definitely panty wetting goodness. Ms. Crescent does leave the reader hanging again at the end. I'm hooked and want to read the next part. Recommended for kinky readers who love medical play.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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      Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2) (A BDSM & Medical Play Novella)




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