Review: The Perfect Submissive

The Perfect SubmissiveThe Perfect Submissive by Kay Jaybee

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

A fantasy come true is when personal and work life merge into a sexual odyssey.  Fables Hotel is one hotel a guest may never want to check out of, especially if one stays on the fifth floor.  Young Jess is working at the front desk of the hotel.  She assists with appointments and welcoming guests.  Little does she know she's caught the eye of Dominatrix Mrs. Peters.  Mrs. Peters runs the erotic entertainment part of the hotel.  Looking for a good submissive, she test Jess.

With a Ms. Jaybee story, I always know I'm going to receive three things.  One, the female dominant is into mind games.  Two, the submissive in the story won't know if they are coming or going.  Three, the sex will be smoking hawt!  From an erotic standpoint, this story is completely a 5 star.  Jess is tied, teased, tortured and tested.  Every single scene is tantalizingly erotic.  There are different combinations and delicious sexual fetishes.  When the medical scene appeared, I nearly wet myself with a gush from my pussy.  The rope bondage scene is incredibly vivid and sexy.

There are a few things with this story which made it not so smooth a read.  Specifically the emphasis on Jess being a perfect submissive yet forcing her into dominant situations.  What they are really looking for is a switch.  Is this being nitpicky?  Perhaps.  However, when an author is going against the usual understanding of a term, it does cause a reader to pull out of the story and wonder what is going on.  In addition, "Master Philips" spent more time as a submissive than a dominant so it was equally odd to have him addressed as "Master".  Another oddity with the BDSM is how often Ms. Jaybee puts Jess in a position of not only failure but breaking her trust.  These mind games while fun to read, in real life can completely break a relationship.  Don't get me wrong, there are mind games in BDSM, they are just carefully negotiated up front so that all parties are on board.  Jess is constantly in the dark which makes this story slightly dub-con but more so from a theoretical consent than physical consent.  Jess eagerly submits to every lick, probe and smack.

The characters are straightforward.  There is little development and honestly, it isn't about the world building or the character development.  It's all about the erotic journey.  Overall, this story is erotically fantastic.  This story is highly recommended to those who love a good mind fuck.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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Layla said…
Hi BookAddict - this is Layla M. I follow your GR reviews and am in one of the same groups as you, and I've commented on GR re being a new fan of Morgan Hawke to you thanks to your review of Victorious Star...

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Layla, Yahoo is the one I've noticed who always seems to be hacked. You haven't lost the GR account. You do need to contact GR admin. and let them know what happened. How are you emailing now? Send an email to goodreads with your profile and ask them to help out. If you need your profile link, send me an email through my Contact Me. I'll be able to respond to your email directly.

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