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Sub RosaSub Rosa by Mychael Black

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Underground cage fighting between a dragon shifter and a vampire. What could be more alluring? In the latest installment of the Clutch Wars series, Mychael Black ups the kink with a bit of blood play and shifter sex. Oh boy, is it smoking hawt!

Mason is a dragon shifter who left his clan because of a rather childish tiff. He's been fighting in a paranormal underground fighting ring to get by. His biggest opponent is also his lover, but Shane is more than just a lover. He's a very old vampire who also happens to dominate Mason.

This series is a quick and arousing read. Ms. Black writes sexy m/m erotica with alpha males beating their chests and declaring dominance. Both characters are easy to understand. I've categorized this as sugarkink because the D/s in here is pretty light. Even though there is a bit of blood play, which is considered edge play, the way it's presented is easily palpable for those who aren't into the kinkier side of BDSM. What really blew my mind is the shifter sex. Oh boy, it's tasty hawt. To mix it with dominance and submission only cranks up the heat in this one.

The plot in this story is light. The world building is also minimal. The characters are near indistinguishable. They could be a werewolf, dragon, demon or vampire. They all talk the same and behave similar. I had to constantly remind myself who was who by their name. This generally denotes weak character building. I'm also going to forget the names of the characters right after I read the book.

Usually this would be a two stars with such forgettable characters, but what makes it for me is the sex. The kinky deviance of it will stay with me for a while. This is why the book is still a three star. This m/m paranormal romance is recommended for kinky readers who love a bit of deviant shifter sex.

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