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Tempts Me (Every Part of You, #1)Tempts Me by Megan Hart

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Simone seduces me at first glance because she is a voyeur.  Watching a handsome man fucking women across his office's desk is a Peeping Tom's fantasy come true.  When the sexually naughty participants are good looking, it's even more exciting.  Seeing it kink up with a light spanking increase the allure.

Ms. Hart is one of my favourite authors.  Her writing is polished and so easy to read.  It's like gliding on silk, luxurious and erotic.  This is the first serial of hers I've read.  I'm hooked.  Mostly it is because of the hint of kinky BDSM which I can't wait to read more. 

Simone lusts after Elliot.  Elliot is a bit of a stick in the mud with some "deviant" desires.  He thinks women won't be able to accept it because he's been cavorting with the wrong ones and totally misreads their body language.  Some people have radars for the kinky.  Elliot is woefully without this handy intuition.  Simone on the other hand seems to be someone who will lure a person into the lifestyle with a curl of her lip and slant of her eyes. 

Ms. Hart does a good job of describing the environment and setting the characters up for the next part in the series.  She's good at leaving a reader yearning for a bit more.  This tantalizing tidbit whets my appetite to read all the installments for Every Part of You. Recommended for erotic readers who enjoy a bit of cat and mouse.

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      Tempts Me (Every Part of You, #1)




Must get this. I love when the H is a bit of a stick in the mud and floundering a bit, but with the right guidance comes into his own.

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