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Touch of A Dom
Touch of A Dom by Madeleine Oh

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The Romance Review

Adele is in search of not only a father but a fresh start to her life. Adele Royer is starting a new chapter in her life after her mother passes away. She's done with the isolation as an only child with only her mother for a family. Her father's family is kept away from her. Now that she is all alone, she yearns to find her father and a new job. Finding a job close to where she thinks she might find her father is a dream come true.

TOUCH OF A DOM is a smoothly written story, as expected from Ms. Oh. I've been having a love affair with Ms. Oh since I first found her several years ago. If I see a book with her name, I'm definitely interested. She once again delivers with her kinky romance. TOUCH OF A DOM is a coming of age story as Adele explores her kinky side. Ironically, she's been surrounded by kink as her mother was a well-known kinky toy maker.

The characters in here are easy to understand and are likeable. The desire to find an absentee parent is a strong connection point for many. This conflict is relatable with so many parents splitting up and leaving confused children behind. The resolution is not a surprise as a hint by the author immediately reveals why Adele's father left her and doesn't have any contact with his own family. The reason is very sad. It's a situation which I can only hope becomes a rare occurrence.

The sex in this story is delightfully smexy and sweet. The flogging and spankings are light in intensity and makes for a lovely Gateway to BDSM story. The chemistry between Adele and Branko is evident. It's nice that Ms. Oh doesn't make it too easy for them. She adds a couple of amusing failure in communication, which is quite accurate between males and females. This lighthearted romance is recommended for kinky readers who are exploring the BDSM world.

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