DIY - Evil Stick

Evil Stick

     What is this evil stick you speak of?  Some have called it a misery stick.  It's not too common to find, unless you know where to look.  Many places that sell canes don't make them.  What exactly is an evil stick? 

     An evil stick is made of carbon fiber.  This stick comes in multiple diameters.  There are also different lengths.  Some sticks are just a plain stick with no fancy handle or rounded tip.  Others have wires, rope, wooden handles at the end.  Evil Stick website

Materials needed
Plasti Dip
    1. Plasti dip
    2. Carbon Fiber Rod Site
    3. Jewelry Wire


    1. Dremel Tool
    2. 80 grit sand paper
    3. Masking tape
    4. Plastic cup
    5. Stirring stick/spoon
    6. Hanger
    7. Newspaper or cardboard box
    8. Paper Towel
How to create it

     The carbon fiber purchased is usually a 48 inch rod.  This can be cut into 4 pieces to create 4 rods of 12 inch each.  To cut the carbon fiber, use dremel tool to cut it.  When cutting it, do it outside so the dust doesn't get everywhere.  To help keep the dust down, use masking tape to surround the rod at the place of cutting. 

     This will leave a jagged edge which should be rounded.  If you leave it jagged, when using to strike, it can cause the skin to break.  To round it, take the 80 grit sand paper to the edge.  For the end to be held in the hand, make it nice and flat. 



The one below is the .187" diameter


     Prepare the plasti dip by pouring the clear one (from the metal can) into a plastic cup and then add a few drops of the colour you want.  I used too much red in here.  I used about 15 drops.  I could have used only 5 drops and I think I would have been fine.  Once the colour is mixed, then dip the end in.  Both ends can be dipped in.  I recommending waiting for one end to dry before the other end is dipped.

    In this one, I've only dipped in the tip (end used to strike the person).  Then, roll the stick up in the dip up to the length you want covered.  I covered about 2 inches from the tip.  To keep the plasti dip from dripping onto my nice furniture or carpet, I used a large shallow cardboard box as my workspace.  Paper towels were on hand to help wipe away any drips. 

Step 1 dipping
Plasti Dip

Step 2 dipping
Dip 1

Step 3 dipping
Dip 2

     Once the dipping is over, hang to dry for a few hours.  For the first thirty minutes, I hung it straight up using a hanger so that gravity would create the even cover and a nice end.  For the other end, take the jewelry wire to wrap around the end in the way you'd like and then dip that end too.

Step 1 drying

Step 2 drying
Drip dry

How to use it
     Now you can use it on your bottom!  This can be used the same method as the a cane.  Hit the fleshy parts of the body.  Avoid the joints and bone.  Avoid kidneys and the areas where internal organs are not protected.  It can be used for light tapping in those "forbidden" areas only.

     Now it is your turn.  How did your stick turn out?  Share your pictures.  Share how your bottom enjoys it.


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