Review: The Accidental Domme

The Accidental Domme
The Accidental Domme by Jim Lyon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the kind of femdom I enjoy! It started out with male chastity fetish between a lesbian and her male friend. This confused me a bit until we see that Dave is the catalyst for Wendy to explore the kinky world of female domination. Wendy is helping Dave with his fantasy in return for a good licking on demand. It's a win-win situation. Wendy, the good friend, attends a few classes to learn more about BDSM only to find the missing piece in her life. She takes to flogging and needle play with enthusiasm.

There are several fetishes in this story which makes it so delightful. The surprise pony play which involves branding and piercings is fabulous. From a BDSM fantasy perspective, this book is spot on for me. It's written in a manner which is fun and lighthearted despite the heavy edgeplay. Mr. Lyons does a good job of creating an appealing erotic journey for Wendy and her soon to be lover.

A few of the BDSM scenes are excellent for the imagination but not recommended for real life play. One of the items which caught my attention was the needles through the clit. Don't try it at home. Seriously. One of the submissives I know did this with her Dom. She's also a registered nurse. They tried it. Unless you are into a lot of bloodplay, don't do it because she bled for well over an hour. It took constant pressure to make the bleeding stop and they nearly went to the hospital. Needles can be done with minimal blood but in my experience that isn't the case. Or it could just be the people I'm around are just really into bloodplay.

The other BDSM scenes in this story are all arousing and well written. Mr. Lyons does a good job of describing the scenes. The feelings Dave and Wendy experienced are also well translated into written word. It makes it easier for the reader to like both characters.

From a storytelling perspective, I'm mixed about this book. Dave and Wendy's relationship is really only a tiny bit of the story. The way it's presented, it feels as if Dave's story is cut short. There is more I'd like to learn about Dave's submission to the Domme he finds. The same with Wendy. Her story seemed to go too fast. We received just the highlights with a few anecdotes here and there. I'd like to read more about her pony training as well as her training while she was on tour with Lola. Although, to be honest, Mr. Lyons did an excellent job of creating two stories with a beginning, middle and end in less than fifty pages. There was not a single word wasted. It would be nice if the book were twice as long.

One of my favourite lines in this story is from Wendy.

"As your personal trainer, I highly recommend sex as a muscle relaxant and overall attitude adjuster." (pg. 58, loc. 880-881)

I completely agree and have recommended the same for cranky co-workers. It makes me wonder how much better work would be if people used the services of a personal trainer like Wendy. In addition, if people received regular sexual exercise. This 3.5 star femdom romance is recommended for f/f lovers who enjoy kink.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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