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Brush and Whip
Brush and Whip by Sean Michael

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The Romance Review

Mine! Followed by growling and purring are signature elements in a Sean Michael story. Granted, this is a paranormal romance so there will be much more growling and purring. BRUSH AND WHIP kick off a new series where shifters are housed in a BDSM club. The goal of this club is to match dominants to the perfect submissive. The first match is Drew and Theo.

Dominant Theo is a shifter of two feline natures. Submissive Drew is a wolf who feels unwanted and prefers to stay as his shifter self. This story is focused on Theo and Drew coming together in a sexual manner. Yes, there is a bit of trust building and some sexy whipping, but for the most part, it's story of two damaged men finding someone who understands them. The kinky parts are just a bonus.

Sean Michael spends little time in building the characters. In the novellas, the focus is more on erotic heat than complex characters. This one is no different. There is a lot of telling about the traumas of Theo and Drew's past. While it is relevant to the story, it did not enhance the characters in any manner. The beauty of the author's stories, however, is the sex scenes between two luscious males, as Theo and Drew mix playfulness with rough body play.

Overall, this is a quick and sweet read. Recommended for m/m paranormal lovers who enjoy hawt manlove in detail.

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