Review: The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons

The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons
The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons by Angela Fiddler

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Romance Review
Expecting a sexy story filled with hot kinky sex? A reader would expect a sex demon story to contain awesome sex. It is not to be.

Cy is a human with some fae blood. He works for a controlling bitch who constantly puts his life in danger. His boyfriend, Patrick, is a fae prince who wants Cy to quit his job and get rid of his "pet" sex demon. August is the sex demon who suddenly can't feed on sex. He's bound to a human and after centuries of betrayal, he trusts no one.

This story is difficult to understand. The plot is murky and there seems to be many missing pieces. After a bit of research, it appears this is the second book in this world. This book cannot be read as a standalone. My guess is, to understand the dysfunctional dynamics between Cy, Patrick and August would require reading CY GETS A SEX DEMON.

The characters in this story are hard to understand. Cy came across as a female. Until I re-read the book blurb, I had no idea Cy is a he. He comes across as a confrontation-hiding whiny female. He's annoyingly indecisive about everything. He's a lot of talk and very little action. He keeps saying he loves Patrick and Patrick is the best thing to ever happen to him. Yet, there is nothing to support Cy's love. Patrick comes across as a cardboard character. There is no development to him. The only character who possesses a bit of spunk is August. His motive and love make sense.

There is one passage which sums of the romantic interest in this tale.

There was a reason our first date had lasted three days and only broke up because Patrick dumped me on the side of a street. He felt like the other half to my kind of Velcro. We connected through ten thousand different individually weak hooks and loops. (pg. 56)

While this is to illustrate a relationship that is tightly bound together, in reality it is a bunch of weak hooks and no loops. What is the point of these two men being together? Why are the sex demons treated so poorly and increasingly so? What exactly did Cy pull to get his way in the end? This book made little coherent sense. Tangent threads are crossing, knotting or cut short throughout this story. This made for a disorienting and jarring read.

The only reason why I still rated it a 2 star is because I want to learn more about the fae world as well as the demon world. There are hints here and there to a more nefarious end game plan. Overall this m/m paranormal romance has potential.

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      The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons (Sex Demons, #2)




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