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Changing The Rules
Changing The Rules by Diane Leyne

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The Romance Review (Mine is the 2nd review)

Reuniting with estranged lovers is never easy. It's worse when the lovers were left behind and now they want revenge and hold the upper hand.

In college, Michelle loved Mac with all her heart. When Mac invites Sean into their bed, her morning after regret is too strong and she flees. The sex was too kinky for her. Now, ten years later, both men are rich and even kinkier than in their twenties.

From a ménage fantasy, this is a good read. The BDSM is what is slightly off. There are several things written about BDSM in this story that makes me think Ms. Leyne is not in the lifestyle. In addition, her research was cursory or perhaps based upon other romantic BDSM stories.

�The first one, which bothered me, is the way a safe word is abused.

"'Red' will stop everything. You say 'red' during sex and it all ends. You leave. Period. No discussion. Understand?" (pg. 34)

Seriously? Use the safe word and out the door, don't let it hit you on the way out? What kind of dominant does this with their submissive? None I know and none I'd ever play with.

Another one which rubbed me wrong was the rules for the BDSM club. This is a club which apparently goes with high protocol. Because Michelle is warned if she missteps, she will "be subject to strict rules, and any Dom or Domme will have the right to punish you for your infraction." (pg. 65) She was told they [submissives] have no right to refuse a Dom except by saying their safe word, which would also mean they had to leave for the evening. (pg. 68)

This completely rubbed me wrong from a BDSM perspective. It's probably the reason why I'm not in a high protocol relationship or organization. Just because a person chooses to be a submissive does not mean they are a submissive to anyone else. This edict also completely bypasses negotiation which is also suspect.

From sexual heat standpoint, this story is arousing and enjoyable. The ménage is explosive, even the train wreck public spanking turned into a sexual exhibition. Each of the characters are easily understandable even if they make mistakes in communication. It makes a reader wonder just how good of a dominant Mac and Sean are when they make so many mistakes in breaching trust. It's almost painful to watch. Still from a story conflict, it is needed.

Overall, this is a good romance with a good BDSM fantasy. Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy ménage and kink.

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