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Cody's Dragon
Cody's Dragon by K.M. Mahoney

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Snarky rent boys are in high demand as of late. When Cody is debating a change for something better, Kirit offers him a chance he cannot pass up. Once Cody learns more about Kirit, perhaps he shouldn't have been so quick to leave his home. Finding out the handsome man who is great in bed is from another world is not an everyday occurrence.

Cody works the clubs as an independent entertainment contractor. Kirit is a dragon shifter from a race known as a Draak. He lives beyond the Veil where other magical beings exist--Fae, ogres and druids. Kirit has been alive for a long time and pines for a mate. Tired of waiting, he comes to Earth to search for a mate. When he finds Cody, he won't let him go.

The plot of this story is simple and lightheartedly fun. Even Cody at times pokes fun of a true mate. Ms. Mahoney is a good storyteller who keeps the story lively with comical characters. The characters are adorable. Cody is a boy with an attitude. He is irreverent to those with authority, although usually at a respectful distance. Kirit is a funny character because he takes everything so literally. His lack of understanding makes him quite endearing. The dynamic between the two characters is hysterical at times and gooey loving at others. Kirit's possessiveness is adorable as he growls and keeps Cody close to his side.

The story flows at a decent pace. Ms. Mahoney clues the reader in on a conspiracy which is neatly resolved by the end of the book. However, there are a few threads in this story which are not fully explained. For example, Cal is aware of witches but it is never explained exactly how he crossed their paths before. In addition, the worldbuilding is a bit light. For those who read fantasy frequently, they can fill in the blanks. For those who are not familiar with fantasy, it may be a bit hard to understand. This paranormal romance is recommended to m/m readers who love dragons.

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