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Coming to TermsComing to Terms by Cara Bristol
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love comes in all shapes and sizes.  Domestic discipline (DD) does too.  In Coming to Terms, seven different authors bring forth their brand of  DD.  Each one features a female in need of discipline.

The one which had my blood boiling was Ms. Bristol's "Wife on the Lam".  I was so aggravated by Janelle's lack of faith in her husband.  Her irrational behaviour does fall in line with the type of female characters Ms. Bristol favours.  Basically, these women I'd slap hard into next week.  Fortunately, Janelle is not married to me.  Instead, she's married to a loving husband who shows her the errs of her ways.  It is a sweet romance and memorable.

A big fan of Ms. Hensley, it's nice to see Caine and Neely again.  In this little interlude, it felt more awkward.  Ms. Hensley does a good job of showing how after the "happily ever after" there is a lot of work to put into a marriage.  Caine does come across pussy whipped and Neely is still as bratty as ever.  It's a bit of a disappointing "after" story the marital strife is caused by Neely's behaviour.  Yet Neely feels it's Caine's fault.  What's sadder is this is realistic to life and I always end up feeling sorry for the man.  The woman needs a sound spanking.  Caine delivers and grants my wish.

My favourite one is by Ms. Rose.  Her "Spank and Run" is well written with a smooth start, sexy middle and a tight end.  Out of all the stories, I liked these two characters the most.  Claire is a hard working person who isn't super rich or dirt poor.  She's easy to relate to and she is logical for the most part.  The mayor, Luis, is an ideal Latino lover.  His interaction with Claire is a slow seduction and quickly heats up.  The chemistry between the two is fun to watch.  The spanking scenes are delightful.  The conflict feels natural.  The ending leaves a reader wanting more.  This is perhaps why I enjoyed this last one the most. This sexy spanking collection is recommended for maledom DD lovers.

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Renee Rose said…
Thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked Spank and Run!

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