Review: Denies Me

Denies Me
Denies Me by Megan Hart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just rip out my heart. Elliot's past is causing him to do things that he will regret. In installment four, Elliot goes from romantically hawt to cruelly cold. Simone's broken heart is the collateral damage from Elliot's callous behaviour.

Ms. Hart creates characters who are just so messed up. It's not so much melodrama but more the realistic responses when past hurts have not been healed. While it's understanding why Elliot is having issues, taking it out on Simone is painful to watch. The rejection Elliot doles to Simone is something every masochist fears. Not surprisingly, Simone runs to Adrian for some punishment comfort.

This was a nice blend of impact play. It also reveals more about both Elliot and Simone. It will be interesting to see how this all ends up in the next installment. Right now, it doesn't look like a happily ever after. Recommend for kinky readers who understand a masochist's fear of rejection.

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      Denies Me (Every Part of You, #4)




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