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Diagnosis by Tara Crescent

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Oh boy! More kinky sex with Dr. McDreamy. In this latest episode, Lisa is struggling with fears from her past dominant boyfriend. Even though it was years ago, she never got over the way he trampled over her self-worth. Her ex-boyfriend's domineering abuse continues to force her to shy away from Patrick due to a misunderstanding. Patrick is forced to deal with not only Lisa's hang-ups, but his manipulative ex-wife.

This story shows more character development and relationship building than the previous. Ms. Crescent spends more time explaining why both main characters respond the way they do. Several secondary characters make an appearance. It appears one of them is going to be causing further conflict and entanglement.

Ms. Crescent does a good job of creating plausible conflict in this story. With how relationships can become complicated due to ex-lovers, it makes this a contemporary kinky book more relatable. The added angst due to a medical emergency of a family member is also realistic since both Lisa and Patrick are adult in their late 30s. It's nice to see characters who aren't in their twenties.

The BDSM in this story is at just the right content for readers moving from Gateway to BDSM into more kinky shenanigans. The punishment scene is barely what I would consider a punishment. Did Lisa's bottom even turn red? This one is a little less in the medical kink which is a bit of a letdown. However, Ms. Crescent does add in a bit of figging which is always burning fun! When the enema comes out (no pun intended), it's kicks up the heat. A finale including a very special machine is mm mm good. Ms. Crescent does a lovely job of building up the erotic heat in this book. This erotic novella is recommended for kinky readers who have a soft spot for medical kink.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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