Review: LiSA - System Shock

LiSA - System Shock
LiSA - System Shock by V.W. Singer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Buy this book now. You dark depraved maledom lovers, this book is for you. Mr. Singer is a new to me author. He intrigued me by telling me his book isn't really BDSM but just pure sadistic torture of the female genitals. Absolutely loved this book. Why did I wait so long to read it?

This book is mostly a mystery which I do adore. It's also sci-fi set in the future but best, it has elements of cyberpunk which is something I really enjoy. For all these to be combined in a sadistic maledom manner - FABULOUS!! Yes, sing it with me - FABULOUS!!!

The books starts out with a rude awakening shock. It's not pretty and I'm a bit taken back at the brutality which happens to our main character, Petr. I can understand his meltdown and why his superiors do anything they can to save him. Even turning him into a sexual sadist in a predator like manner. No woman is really safe from the "modified" Petr. Fortunately, they have a fail safe, a LiSA which is a human like robot unit to both monitor Petr's stability and be an outlet for his sexual aggression towards women.

This is a no holds bar SM story. The things Petr does to a poor defenseless pussy is horrifyingly arousing. Yes, for those who enjoy pussy torture, this book is for you. Between the graphic descriptions and the emotions portrayed by Justine, Petr's LiSA unit, it's sadistically salacious. There are a few unusual implements in here which are just devilish and I kind of wish they were available to try. Specifically, I liked the one which is slipped into the female and the intensity of pain is directly proportional to the man thrusting his cock into her pussy. I nearly swooned with excited arousal with this one. It only gets worse from there.

Mr. Singer definitely knows how to harshly treat a quivering quim. Between the whippings, spankings, ripping, poking, birching, a girl may end up sitting cross legged whenever Mr. Singer makes an appearance. One of my favourites is the birching which did result in bloodplay as the birch rod is violently thrust into the cervix and used to scrape the insides. Having experienced something similar at the hands of a medical expert, I can only imagine the pain the poor female experience. Delicious!

The plot of the story is well written. I enjoyed trying to figure out where we are going. The way Mr. Singer brought closure was quite well done. I really enjoyed the detective work as well as the big reveals. There are so many possibilities with this world he's created. There are so many tangent stories which I'd like to see. I'd like to have a little novella of Linda, creator of LiSA units. That would be divine. Honestly, the twins at the end, forced sex between twins is another little tangent I'd love.

What really aroused me was the force sexual slavery of Brenda the forvi star. Honestly, am I the only one wishing terrible things happened to her at the hands of her "owner"? I felt he went light on her. And really, why isn't here more anal violation?

The writing in this story is well done. The story moved at a good pace and I enjoyed the constant injection of female genital torture. This definitely made it to my spank bank. This is not a romance story. I'm to sure it's even labeled as erotica. It's really more of a cyberpunk mystery infused with sadistic sexual slavery. Love it. None of this "BDSM"-esque play is safe in real life. Most of it will leave temporary if not permanently damaged female parts.

What I would like to see - What I would also like to see if what happens if a male were forced into a LiSA body. Except, he's still kept as a female body with his own male mind? I'd love to witness the mental and emotional anguish he'd go through. Constant skull fucking as well as ass fucking would be an absolute requirement. Then I thought it would be lovely if he was a shemale who could also lactate. Now wouldn't that be lovely? He'd be brutally tortured on his balls and penis, forced fisting and cock sucking. All the while, he'd be wearing a french maid outfit at a classy restaurant who uses breast milk for their coffee and tea. How humiliating would it be for this guy? Anyway, my deviant desires do tend to run amok.

This is story is not for all. It's for those a group of depraved minds who derive sexual pleasure from someone else's pain. As they say in the book. A woman is more cruel to another woman than a man. For me, this is true. This book brings out the sadistic Top in me and I reveled in it.

This book was a gift to me. No review was requested. I wrote one anyway.

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