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The Long WeekendThe Long Weekend by H. Dean

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Hold on to your seats, it's going to be...a romantic ride?

Yes, yes, I know you are all thinking, are we talking about the same author, H. Dean?  The Long Weekend is a romantic story with erotic art collector John Francis D'Arnot looking for the love of his life.  After sadistically turning his former wife into a statue constantly fucked by two large men and many other perverted creations, Francis is experiencing ennui.  He goes vanilla.  (Close your mouth, unless you want me to fill it with something.)

No, you haven't missed anything.  Not only is Francis not interested in his body modification kink, he decides he no longer wants his deviant art collection. 

I know, I felt the same.  Why??? Why???

If I wanted a romance or looking for a soul mate, I'd read a freaking romance.  I want my body modification!  Where's the mindfucking?  Where's the bestiality?  Where is the behaviour modification? 

Starting to lose interest, I plowed forward. 

There it is!

Mr. Dean's writing has matured since I first started reading his stories.  This story flows smoothly with a start, middle and end.  The conflict is well done.  Whilst it starts as a realistic romance, it morphs into a delicious depraved body modification fantasy.  Kyra, Francis' girlfriend starts out so well and ends up as a delightful companion for him.  The insidious manner at which Kyra is changed is smoking hawt.  (Side note, this story took a bit longer to read because I needed to take two "me-time" breaks.  Ooh they were good.)

The body modification is rather tame compared to other stories by Mr. Dean.  I can see how he focused on more character building and a plot driven story rather than just erotic debauchery.  It's a nice balance in this one.  Although if Kyra were in my hands, the poor little web developer would suffered a bit more modification.  Now that I know who this character is based off of, my attention is now redirected to her.  Word to the tasty morsel, if you move, move very slowly.

This kinky erotic story is recommended to body modification lovers.

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