Review: Mark Cooper versus America

Mark Cooper versus America
Mark Cooper versus America by Lisa Henry

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Transplanted from Australia to Pennsylvania will make anyone question their sanity. Mark Cooper is starting his freshman year in a foreign land with a new stepdad. He's bitter and sober. American culture is more confusing than he thought. The whole rushing for a fraternity is not something he understands and he doesn't give a damn.

This story is a good explanation of Lost in Translation. Americans and Australians speak English, yet the vocabulary contains different connotation. It's hard to watch Mark struggle with the differences. It doesn't help that Mark has a huge chip on his shoulder. His constantly making everything about himself makes a tough first semester in school. It also doesn't win him many friends. It doesn't help that a couple of his fraternity brothers are homophobic abusive assholes.

Full disclosure, I went to a big public university with a large Greek society. It is not like the Greek societies in some of the Ivy League schools. The hazing the boys went through in this story is very similar to what I watched happening to guys on campus. There is just as much cross dressing but a bit more drug and alcohol abuse as well as more sexual humiliations in real life. What is up with boys and their sexual degradation when it comes to hazing and bonding?

Duos Henry and Rock do a great job of character building. It is very easy to understand Mark and like him. When some of his mistakes come to light, it's still easy to forgive him as he tries to make up for them. The relationship between Deacon and Mark is sweet to watch. This tale does become a feel good story as Deacon helps Mark not only integrate into American college life, but become more mature. It's a lovely thing to witness.

The conflicts in this story are all believable and I'm embarrassed to confirm variations of this have happened in real life on the campus I attended. The story moved at a good pace and the world building is spot on. The sex in this story is horny young boys and it's amusing. I didn't really get into the m/m sex because it wasn't kinky enough for me until the cross dressing occurred. Boy, did the two authors crank up the heat when Mark starts wearing sexy feminine lingerie. This was an unexpected and erotically arousing touch.

This sweet m/m romance is recommended for those who love a happily ever after with a penchant for males dressed in sexy panties.

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