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Snake Charmer
Snake Charmer by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Some people don't like snakes. Even if you don't, this Snake shifting book may change your tune. Ms. Masters showcases another shifter abused by the lion shifters selling illegal shifter parts. Yvena is the latest one whose lost her ability to mesh with her shifted self. She's a King Cobra with such poisonous neurotoxin it's unfathomable for anyone to kidnap, let alone attack her. Yvena's confidence is stripped away during her captivity. The road to recovery for her is long and hard.

This could have been a sad sob story. Instead, Ms. Masters infuses it with her trademark survivor with a positive upbeat outlook. Frankly, this is what makes her stories so enjoyable to read. Another thing which makes these books addictive are the animal pairings. In this one, Ms. Masters pairs a king cobra with a mongoose. Does anyone not know the story of the mongoose and cobra as natural enemies? Ms. Masters likes to twist these animal mates into a believable and sweet coupling. She pulls it off flawlessly every time.

In this book, she once again brings the animal traits of each shifter to the forefront and merges with their human self. For example, Yvena is out of her mind when she's first rescued. The only one who could contain her is Liander, the mongoose. It's also fun to see how Yvena's snake is accepted into Liander's family. Rodent based shifter families generally shy away from their animal predators. When Yvena's skills as a snake come to light, it is easy to understand how the family dynamics all works out. The conflicts in these stories are good because they are plausible situations and Ms. Master provides smooth resolutions for all of them.

The romance in these stories are sweet. There is no other word for it. The characters show their strengths and flaws and find themselves still desired and loved. Isn't this what every person wants? To be loved and wanted for who they are, not just what they can bring to the table? One may wonder why these stories still rate a 3 star. It's because while well written, the complexity of the world and characters is medium to low. This is not a bad thing. It means the story is enjoyable but probably not a re-read. It is still definitely recommended for paranormal lovers who love happily ever afters and unique animal shifters.

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      Snake Charmer (Shifting Crossroads, #14)




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