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Splintered Mirror
Splintered Mirror by Morgan Hawke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FINALLY a new book from Ms. Hawke. Um, where's the rest of the book? *scowl*

In a world like ours, but different that it runs in magic and has Fae, unicorns and witches, Julian is a valet (slave) to Prince Alberic. Julian is a female dressed up as a male. It's never quite clear why she's been sold to the prince instead of her twin brother. Still, after years in his servitude, Prince Alberic finally decides he wants her cherry.

There is something about the way Ms. Hawke writes her alpha males that must make me wet and weak in the knee. Alberic is no knight in shining armor. He's a salacious sexist philander and yet I'm panting when he corners Julian. The way Ms. Hawke allows all her males to exude dominance while never mentioning BDSM is spectacular. Alberic plays D/s games all the time with Julian. He ups it now to sexual servitude. Yet not once is BDSM mentioned. This is how skillful Ms. Hawke can be.

Now, it's not just one male either. Master Corwin, Death's coachman is also quite riveting. Capturing a bride with a kiss? Wooing with deadly sensuality just hits my buttons in all the right places. I can't help but fantasize being at one or both of these men's mercy. Seriously, if Julian doesn't want them, I DO! Pick me! Pick me!

The world building is once again fantasy filled and so much fun. I want to learn more about these fae. I want to learn more about the King Fae. There must be more after this. Will there be another 3 year silence? Well, I consider it 5 because Lost Star came out in 2009. One can only hope Ms. Hawke starts turning out her panty drenching stories more frequently.

The characters in this story are what really make this so good. Julian is snarky and yet so innocent at times. The way Alberic plays her is delightful. Her stunning reveal is intriguing and hopefully another book will be devoted to learning more about her other nature as well as what Alberic ends up doing with her. Perhaps there will be a little story focused on Master Corwin and his brother? Will they find a bride? What about the King of Fae and the two princesses? Do we get anything there? Ms. Hawke creates fascinating characters that all deserve a story of their own. Here's hoping it will happen!

Recommended for fantasy lovers who love erotically charged alpha males getting their way.

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