Review: Surrendering to Her Sergeant

Surrendering to Her Sergeant
Surrendering to Her Sergeant by Angel Payne

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The Romance Review

When two people are from completely different worlds, will their worlds collide and tear them apart? Or will they merge into romantic bliss?

Ethan Archer is a rich boy who wants to make a difference in the world. He gives up a cushy executive job to join the military, and he's been living a hard life in special forces with his specialty in interrogation. His meeting with Ava Chestain, cousin to one of his teammate's wife, shows him what he's been missing. Ava wants Ethan but her past shies her from being involved with a military man again. He is everything she wants and is so bad for her.

The two characters in this story have more chemistry than the previous couples in this series. I really like Ethan and Ava. Ethan doesn't have a tortured past. He's a guy who wants to make the world a better place. Ava is an independent woman who knows her desires and keeps them in check. She's gutsy and easy to like. What I like most about Ethan is that his brand of BDSM is more mental. This is very appealing. I was hoping Ms. Payne would delve into heavier D/s with Ethan. Maybe more mind-fuckery since he is supposed to be an excellent interrogator who can break a criminal and extract information. This is a powerful skill in a dominant. Unfortunately, this part of his skill was completely ignored from a BDSM perspective.

The plot of this story is out there. It reads like a bang-em up, shoot-em up movie starring Tom Cruise as the bad guy terrorist. Forget the suspense part of this story. There are so many WTF moments, it's best to suspend your disbelief. For example, for men who work in covert operations, to be photographed and in the public eye to this extent is ludicrous. Also, the best covert operatives aren't sexy handsome men. They are average indistinguishable men because the point is for them to blend in. Still, this entire plot is amusing.

From a BDSM perspective, this is a light one. Ms. Payne does bring up a common misconception and treats it quite well.

"This is called topping from the bottom, right?" She gripped his shaft and squeezed. With her other hand, she scratched into his abdomen. "Doesn't a girl usually get paddled for this?" (pg. 53)

As many know, topping from the bottom is a pet peeve of mine. No, the sub doesn't receive a reward for being a little shit. The sub gets shoved into a room with nothing to do and ignored for twenty-four hours. That's punishment. While Ava doesn't receive the punishment I'd prescribe, Ethan doesn't let her get away with this behavior either.

What I do enjoy about Ms. Payne's stories is her writing style. It's fun, fantasy-filled and infused with cheeky humor.

Dear fuck, the woman's breasts needed to come with warning labels. Pinch at your own risk. Nipples will stand up like the peaks of Macchu Picchu and may result in painful swelling of the balls and cock. (pg. 57)

This romantic suspense is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

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      Surrendering to Her Sergeant (The W.I.L.D. Boys Of Special Forces, #3)




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