Review: Taunts Me

Taunts Me
Taunts Me by Megan Hart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What is Elliot's problem? He is a class act jerk. In Taunts me, Elliot runs cold then hot. He is no good for Simone and she knows it.

In installment three, Ms. Hart continues with a mixed up Elliot. He seems to be doing better because at least now he's communication and dating Simone. Simone's own complications with her friend Adrian is something which I think will backfire on her. Still, it's interesting to see their dynamic.

This relationship is not heading in a good direction. Ms. Hart seems to be steering it towards a collision of hearts. The little bit of kinky play in here is a nice touch. Hope there is more in the next book. Recommended for those who enjoy complicated relationships.

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      Taunts Me (Every Part of You, #3)




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