Review: A WILDer Wonderland - Sexy Stories Of The Season

A WILDer Wonderland - Sexy Stories Of The Season
A WILDer Wonderland - Sexy Stories Of The Season by Angel Payne

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The Romance Review

Wondering what happened to Garrett, Sage, Zeke, Rayna, Ethan and Ava after they "got together"? This is a collection of the three couples who have come together in this WILD Boys of Special Forces series. Sometimes, it is better to leave a couple in their happily ever after, because bringing them back can be a letdown.

Garrett and Sage's story in "Raze the Barn" is depressing. Sage is crazy and the answer to her depression is getting laid with her husband, Garrett. Although, to be fair, if people enjoyed orgasms at least once a week, it would help their outlook. When I read a romance, I don't really care to read about psychological problems. When it takes BDSM to fix this problem, it appeals to me even less. This story didn't work for me at all. The BDSM scene barely redeems this story.

Zeke and Rayna in "Tie the Knots" is a train wreck. Rayna, if a man tells you he isn't good enough for you, listen to him. Walk away. Zeke and Rayna's love match is the least believable of the three couples. Zeke doesn't want to be married with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Rayna isn't into kink. They don't seem to see anything eye to eye. Why are they together again? This additional short story with Zeke performing a 180 in his stance is a nasty divorce waiting to happen.

In "Diamonds in The Rain", Ethan once again bring the series up with his consistent loyalty. Plus he still has some of the funniest dialogue. This story I really enjoyed. Ethan and Ava meeting his parents is very telling. Ethan is a wonderful man. Never more so when he defends Ava to his manipulative mom.

"Since it's you asking--" [Ethan's Mom]

"I'm not asking." [Ethan]

She psshed at him. "Don't be insolent."

"Mom, I'm the guy who cut off the president's hand to accomplish shit. I'm. Not. Asking." (pg. 114)

I love how Ethan commands with his "I'm. Not. Asking." Gives me delicious shivers.

The last one in this collection, "Moonrise", is a surprise attack. This is the one with Luna and Tait. Luna is a secondary character I just didn't like at first. She kind of reminds me of Selena Kyle as Catwoman in Batman. She's a person of questionable character. She's not easy to predict. She is a character who grows on a reader. Her self-sacrifice in the last book is a blow to Tait, who is in love with her and stays by her side as much as he can while she is in a coma in the hospital. This story is quite poignant. I loved it. The ending of this is a hook for the next book in this series. It is a very good hook because I want to read a sexy BDSM ménage. I can't wait!

This anthology started out as a dud and ends with a surprise bang. The first half of the book can be skimmed through. The last half is enjoyable to be leisurely savoured. Recommended for romance lovers who want to know what happens after a happily ever after.

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      A WILDer Wonderland - Sexy Stories Of The Season (The WILD Boys Of Special Forces #4)




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