Review: The Alpha's Toy

The Alpha's Toy
The Alpha's Toy by Sam Crescent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Experimentation, missing wolves and half breeds with strange scents, how do these all tie together? Zeke doesn't know, but he's going to figure it out.

Zeke is an alpha of his pack. His pack is half-breed friendly. They don't tolerate Mary's pack and slaughter them all except two of the females. Mary is one of the two remaining. Mary bargains to save another young female wolf with her body. Zeke willingly takes Mary as his sex toy for the next month.

The blurb of this story is darker than the actual story. This is a sweet fast-paced story of soul mates finding each other. Mary's transformation to a werewolf reminds me of Elena from Kelley Armstrong's Women of Otherworld. The experimentation on shifters reminds me of one of Patricia Briggs' Mercy arc. The world building in this is leveraging a lot on other existing werewolf mythologies so it's easy to follow and understand. The conflict in the story is also pretty easy to figure out and predict how it will resolve.

The characters in this story are fun. They aren't too complicated but they do become endearing. Zeke is a sweet tough guy. Mary is a woman coming into her beast. The chemistry between the two is good. The heat factor is medium.

Overall, this is a sweet story with the powerful doing their best to protect the weak. This is paranormal romance is recommended for those who enjoy soul mate shifter themes.

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      The Alpha's Toy (The Alpha Shifter Collection, #1)




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