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Banishing the Dark
Banishing the Dark by Jenn Bennett

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A wonderful end to an awesome series. In Banishing the Dark, Cady and Lon are once again behind the eight ball trying to figure out exactly what happened to conceive Cady. How did she become infused with moonchild abilities and why is her mother able to tap into her powers and control her? For Cady, it seems as if all her crisis have a termination date. If she doesn't solve the problem by a certain time limit, boom, game over for her. This is beyond stressful.

Ms. Bennett does an excellent job of creating tension in this story. The tension is generated not just suspense in trying to figure out how a moonchild is created, but in sexual tension. In order to keep a secret from her mother, Cady forces Lon to perform a bit of magic to hide the secret. This causes unintended consequences which would have broken a weaker man. Lon is amazingly loyal in this story and he suffers for it.

The conflict in this story is great and well crafted. As more of this world is revealed and how the different relationship cross each other, it's disturbing and depressing. Cady learns more about her parents and how much they really valued her. Their callousness is unfathomable unless one is a psychopathic sociopath. Ah yes, that's why it made sense for Cady's mother to behave the way she did to her children.

The dynamic between Cady and Lon really make the story for me. Their banter and chemistry is lovely to watch. I also enjoyed how every lead they find doesn't give them an easy answer. There are many dead ends which is frustrating and more realistic. Nothing is simple for the two of them. Their ability to keep persisting and work together is what makes the story so enjoyable. Even when they feel defeated, they still lean on each other for support. In this story, love does conquer all. Not just the love of a man and woman, but the love of mother to child. Jupe is not ignored in this story. He continues to be the over exuberant puppy dog. He plays a key role to help Cady discover what she is made of. Ms. Bennet is a great storyteller who crafts a magical story come to life. This urban fantasy is highly recommended for those who enjoy suspense and happily ever afters.

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      Banishing the Dark (Arcadia Bell, #4)




Jamie Lake said…
A stunning review, it makes me want to go out and get my hands on the series. I love a good read and appreciate the hard work that goes into one. As a m/m author I understand how difficult it can be to create a solid relationship and portray love in a way that touches others.
@ Jamie, Thanks! It was a good series. It was a lucky find.

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