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Bones by Garrett Leigh

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The Romance Review
Paid to have sex may seem glamorous to some and dirty to others. For Cam, it's just a job which he enjoys. This is, until recently. Casual sex used to be enough. Now, he wants more. He needs an intimacy which is not satisfied through work or his friends with benefits. Specifically, he's starting to feel dirty after sex with Jon, the only lover he bottoms for and happens to be his boss.

The plot of this story is Cam's personal growth as well as his need to come to an acceptance with events out of his control. The conflict comes across in both a physical and emotional manner. It is hard pressed to decide which one is more difficult for Cam to overcome. To help him through some of his soul searching and recovery is Sasha Tate. Sasha is outgoing and someone Cam really wants for more than casual sex. The stop starts in this relationship is realistic.

What would make this story better for me is to have more closure. There are two specific threads which are highlighted in the book yet they are never resolved. They are left in a hanging manner as if Ms. Leigh uses a pair of scissors and snips it off. This abrupt ending for Cam's mother and Jon's actions leaves a reader feeling unsatisfied. It's one thing to have a happily-for-now or a sad ending. It's another to leave it midstream. Perhaps it means there will be a follow up book in this series to flesh both of these out more. A reader can only hope.

The sex in this story is mixed. Some of it is sweet. Some of it is comforting. Some of it is erotically hawt with a heavy dose of icky morning after regrets. I personally like this because it shows how sex comes in different forms and can be used in different ways.

What I really appreciate about this story is how Cam deals with a physical ailment. It's an all too realistic sickness which frightens many. I just recently had a friend who went through this a few months ago so this part of the story hits home. The fears Cam experiences give an unfiltered point of view into the reality of this situation. Ms. Leigh does a lovely job in her research of the responses of those stricken with this particular illness. She also gives perspectives from two different people at different phases of this illness.

This m/m romance is recommended for those who understand a relationship is sometimes just "complicated".

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