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The Bossman
The Bossman by Renee Rose

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Catch me as I swoon in love with Joey La Torre. Joey is a mafia don. Joey's eye is on grown up Sophie Palazzo. Sophie's avoided the "family" ever since her father died. She and her mother loathe the "family" because they believe Sophie's dad's death is their fault. When her path crosses Joey's again, despite her own warnings, she can't resist him.

Mafia themed stories are not my favourite ones. I tend to avoid them. It's because the guys are usually domineering and come across as dumb. Joey is different. He's an alpha male who is intelligent, sexy and dominating. He also has no interest in beating women. When he learns about Sophie's spanking fetish, he makes a little exception. It's not beating; it's discipline with love.

Ms. Rose does a great job with her character development. Sophie is a conflicted woman who is still not recovered from her father's death. It colours how she feels about the mafia. She responds in ways which place her into hot water. The fact that she knows better makes it even worse. Joey is way too lenient with Sophie's mess ups.

Joey may be a product of his environment, but he's still affectionate and respect women. He is tough yet he is gentle. I really liked both of these characters. Sophie is spunky, bratty and a bit naïve. Still, she has a good heart. Joey's dominance exudes off of him. The way he commands Sophie is panty wetting goodness.

When the domestic discipline (DD) comes into play, its fabulous. The way DD is introduced in this story is so good. It's how many females find out about it - playing a bit and surfing the internet. The difference is, Sophie is lucky enough to find a man who is interested and willing to give her what she needs. She needs more than weekly maintenance. Based on her defensive behaviour, she needs daily ones!

What I liked about this DD story is that it wasn't for funishment. Sophie did become aroused from the spankings and paddling, but they weren't light taps. Joey meant business and used the belt to correct her out-of-control behaviour. It's almost as if Sophie can't help herself. She keeps getting herself into trouble whenever she feels overwhelmed or insecure. This does make Sophie rather immature and it's good she has a man to keep her straight. Because as a single female, she was terrible at her business as well as taking care of herself. Some women need a man to complete them. Some women need a strong man to discipline them like an unruly child. Sophie is that woman. Joey is her perfect man because he understands, respects and gives her what she needs. Ms. Rose did a lovely job of showing all of this without any judgment or guilt. This sexy hawt erotic romance is recommended for domestic discipline lovers who like tough mafia men.

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