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Broken Toy
Broken Toy by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

A dominant man in a uniform is something to behold. When the submissive female is also an officer of the law, what will happen?

Gabriella Villalobos aka Gabe is a workaholic single woman without friends. Her entire life is to put away criminals. Her job in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) shows her only the worst in humanity. Her mission to rescue kids from bad situation stems from her own personal experience. It's not something she thinks about, but those who get to know her easily make the connection. Burned out, her concerned boss forces her to take a little vacation to decompress.

Gabe doesn't know what hits her when she decides to slip into a Munch. She meets Bill, a newbie to BDSM. The two of them hit it off and take a rope class together. With Gabe's personal baggage, she runs scared. She thinks it is over only to find him assigned to a case she's been tasked to lead.

This story could be all about the mystery and the nasty case Gabe is working on. Instead, it's about a woman's journey to healing and learning about herself. It's also a lovely story about Bill, a widower who finally decides to join life again. The characters in this book are so realistic it's easy to want them to become your friends. In fact, the camaraderie in this group of BDSM lifestylers is what is so appealing about this series. These are your average people with every day jobs getting their kink on. They have the same worries of being found out. They are so realistic, it makes one yearn to be in a group so closely knit and non-judgmental.

Ms. Dalton excels in her BDSM contemporary stories because she writes what she knows. For all we know, she's journaling the life and times of each of her friends. Do they smile when they read a new book and see themselves showcased as characters? The BDSM practiced in this book are lightly touched upon. Yet one can tell Ms. Dalton is experienced based on how easily she presents the scenes of munches and classes. Even the play party is described in a way that could easily take place in my hometown. It's reassuring to read this kind of realistic BDSM story when there are so many billionaire dom books floating around.

I do wish there were more detailed descriptions of the rope sessions. Then again, this isn't a bondage 101 course. The BDSM scenes and sexual interludes are all delightfully erotic. Gabe and Bill's chemistry is hot. Their playfulness and growth together is beautiful and all one can hope for as a beginner in BDSM. Their journey together isn't without bumps, yet Ms. Dalton does provide a happily ever after. For those who want to see how it can be when belonging to a BDSM group, this book is an excellent example. This book is definitely recommended as a Gateway to BDSM.

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