Review: Fit to Be Tied

Fit to Be Tied
Fit to Be Tied by Tiffany Reisz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Why is Ms. Reisz so cruel to Nora? Will Nora never be in a happy relationship? Why does she have to suffer so much? Nora's happily ever after with Lance looks to be jeopardized. In part four, a reader may see red and feel extreme rage.

Ms. Reisz does a good job of showing exactly why those who are in the lifestyle or interested in sex keep it hidden. Why a person would even keep it hidden from a spouse. Lance's ex-wife is a horrible person and this is an all too realistic vilification of those in the lifestyle. The pain Lance goes through because of his personal preference is hard to capture into words. Ms. Reisz does a good job of it and she further builds character into Nora as the reader sees how Nora responds.

This story now moves away from the bodyguard duty and the budding romance between Nora and Lance is in question. Ms. Reisz does a lovely job of turning this and the foreshadowing may cause a reader to shout out "oh dear lord, no!" Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy a bit of angst.

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