Review: Letters to a War Zone

Letters to a War Zone
Letters to a War Zone by Lucy Felthouse

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Where is this website to find your own hunky handsome military man? It's not a dating website, it's a pen pal website. Who knew one could find a man by writing to soldiers at war to help them keep their spirits up? On a lark, Bailey signs up to write letters to a soldier. He wants to show his support. Lucky for him, the soldier writing back also bats for the same team. After only a few letters, Nick and Bailey already bring out better parts for each other.

Ms. Felthouse creates two characters who are easy to understand. The chemistry works and they are both so sweet. It's nice to show how one little act of kindness can make a difference in two people's lives. Nick helps Bailey start living again by sparking interest in his old hobbies. Bailey helps Nick stay connected with the world outside the harsh realities of war.

This is a feel good book with an erotic blend of m/m lust. It's a bit surprising how quickly Bailey and Nick hook up, but then again, two single men who have been without sex for a while…what else would a reader expect? The sex scene is sweet. The two men meeting for the first time is adorable. This bite size erotic tale is tightly written with a lovely conclusion. Ms. Felthouse does leave an opening if she wanted to give us a little story about the two in Rome. *nudge nudge* Recommended for m/m readers who have a thing for men in uniform.

*I received this book as a gift

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