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Promises Kept
Promises Kept by Carolyn Faulkner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dating your best friend's older brother can be a blessing or a curse. For Anna, it started out lovely. This is even after finding out her best friend, Libby, is subject to her brother's discipline. Remy and Libby's parents believed in old fashion spankings and Remy kept the tradition going with first Libby, then Anna. When Remy says something he can't take back, Anna is crushed and this relationship comes to a crashing end.

The conflict in this story is sad and a bit aggravating. It's sad because it is all too common to see in real life. The story starts out six years after the break up. The two former lovers are reunited due to Libby's upcoming nuptials. This scenario would be too melodramatic if it weren't so realistic based on the fact that I've known people who have behaved in the same way. What is up with the lack of communication? This disconnect is the crux of the story.

While Anna and Remy struggle with their reunion, there are flashbacks of their time together, specifically the domestic discipline (DD) part. It's not funishment either. While Anna is rewarded with some amazing orgasms, her bottom takes quite the beating. For those who are into DD, Remy's heavy handed orders are panty wetting goodness. For those who are not into DD, he comes across as a bossy domineering jerk. For me, the DD is just right and very enjoyable.

The story did flow well and the flashbacks were for the most part blended in with the current time. There were a few times where Ms. Faulkner switches from points of view within the same paragraph. Many readers won't catch it, but it does make it a bit jarring for those who are sticklers about point of view switching. My recommendation is that Ms. Faulkner stick to one point of view per chapter.

Overall, this is an easy read with just the right amount of spankings. It did conclude pretty quickly in a happily ever after as expected. This kinky book is recommended to erotica readers who enjoy a good hard spanking.

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