Review: Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall

Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall
Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall by Lindsey Brooks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why did I wait so long to read this book? Right now, my favourite one by Mr. Brooks. I did read these out of order so I was a bit confused. Now I have to go back and read the first one. What isn't in this story? Bestiality, branding, pet play and fisting come to mine. Otherwise, pretty much everything else was fair game for poor little Amelia.

Amelia continues on her journey of sexual depravity. She's finally forced for some unwanted f/f. The strap-on and pussy licking is quite a delight. Amelia is receiving the training she doesn't want but her body says otherwise. Amelia is a masochistic slut who thrives on humiliation whether she admits it or not. The punishments she receives at the hands of Victor, Judith and Charlie are harsh and brutal. Personally, I enjoyed her degradation quite a bit. This story definitely made it into my spank bank.

Mr. Brooks does an excellent job of showing each graphic violation. He also adds the emotional turmoil from Amelia's perspective. This is nicely done and quite enjoyable. There is quite a bit of sex in here as well as sexual torment which keeps a reader's arousal constant. It is a lovely book to induce a little "me time".

I'm a bit surprised at the ending. It did turn out to be nicely tied up. Recommended for those who enjoy the BDSM fantasy. This is a good one!

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      Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall (Amelia, #2)




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