Review: Sore Spots

Sore Spots
Sore Spots by Tiffany Reisz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Forbidden fruit is always sweeter, isn't it? Especially for Nora who is always the rebel and believes rules are made to be bent. Sexy newbie to the club is Lance, Kingsley employee for the 8th Circle. He's going to be Nora's bodyguard since the attack on one of their friends. Working alone as a dominatrix can leave a woman vulnerable. Kingsley will take no chances in Nora's safety.

Part two of this serial is written in a manner best described as edging. Ms. Reisz teases the reader over and over again with possible Lance and Nora sexy time. It's denied because Kingsley specifically states no sex and no kinky shenanigans. It a lovely bit of foreplay with complications. Nora switches to another sexual outlet. If she cannot dominate a temping submissive, she'll need a dose of heavy submission herself. This brief coming together with Nora and Søren is like tasting a bit of heaven only to be cast out before one fully enjoys a meal. Søren is just as sexy in this story as he is in the Original Sinner Series. This serial ends just as it starts to get good. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy deferred gratification.

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