Review: Tempering Steele

Tempering Steele
Tempering Steele by Mychael Black

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The Romance Review

Friends to lovers is so good when it involves two dominant males into BDSM. Alex and his best friend Darren are both doctors. Alex focuses on the mind while Darren focuses on the body. The two of them are members at a BDSM club where they enjoy topping submissives. They seem to be stuck in a rut and decide to look for new submissives through an online service, Black Velvet Society.

This is a delicious little taste to a new series revolving around a BDSM club. Alex and Darren's interaction generates a lot of heat. This is because of their repressed desire for each other. The two characters are amicable and cute together. The way the story incorporates online cyber domination is pretty good. This is the main tie in for this series, an online BDSM club to bring people together.

Overall, this story is a quick and sweet read. It's a bite size feel-good erotica for those who enjoy a bit of romance and seduction. This story is recommended for m/m kinky readers who enjoy friends to lovers theme.

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      Tempering Steele




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