Review: The Troublemaker Next Door

The Troublemaker Next Door
The Troublemaker Next Door by Marie Harte

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Girl next door romances don't usually include a spitfire commitment-a-phobe man-hating redhead. In Troublemaker Next Door, Ms. Harte kicks off a new series, Nora Roberts style except with a lot more erotic heat. The McCauley Brothers series promises to be a very hawt read with delicious bad boys who love their momma. Flynn McCauley is the first to fall for a woman. He's no Momma's boy but he does mind her and she is a pretty cool mom. Flynn is a sexy plumber who's crack any woman would be happy to see. When he goes over to fix his brother's neighbor sink, he walks into a shit storm.

Maddie is an angry woman ready to kill any man in sight, especially her former boss. An altercation at work leaves her jobless and it doesn't stop there. With her life seemingly falling apart, the last thing she wants is a hunky man witnessing her breakdown.

Ms. Harte is always good at creating her characters. They are memorable and fun. The best part is, these people can easily be a friend we know. They are realistic with normal baggage, a good heart and some flaws. No one is perfect. When they meet their "one", despite a rocky start, it still all works out. The growth in the relationship between the main characters is what pulls a reader into her books over and over again. The erotic sex with kinky twists is what keeps a reader panting for more. Ms. Harte is hands down one of the best erotic sex scene writers I've ever read. Since I literally read hundreds of erotic books a year, this is saying a lot. I'm not sure what is about her sex scenes which makes me savour every lick, thrust and moan. She doesn't use any outlandish sex devices. Nor does she use complicated BDSM scenes. Instead, she takes two hot blooded characters filled with passion and translates it into the written word. Between the phone sex, closet sex and rough wrestling, I'm not sure which one aroused me more.

This story is more than just sex. The focus is on Maddie and Flynn's "not dating" and "not relationship" relationship. It's fun to turn it around and have the female completely phobic about having a relationship which could result in love. Some of the rules Maddie places on Flynn are just hilarious. Since I was similar to Maddie, I can understand why she demands some rather odd behaviours from Flynn. I never went to her crazy state but it wasn't that far off. Flynn is a saint to follow all her rules. The relationship conflict is believable and a bit painful to witness. Fortunately this is a romance with a happily ever after.

What is also lovely about this series is the secondary characters. It is clear each one of the brothers is going to have their own book. Each one of the brothers is different and charming in their way. They are different and distinct. I can't wait to read the next book which I hope is Brody's book. Even the secondary females in this book are distinctive. What I really liked about them is that none of them were "evil bitches". There is a closeness between the women with true friendship which is a plus. Character development wise, Ms. Harte always does a great job. A definitely 3.5 rating! This erotic romance is recommended for those who love a good plot, endearing characters and hawt sex.

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