Review: Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins
Who Dares Wins by Lily Harlem

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Men in uniform indulge in a hawt ménage.  Smoking hawt erotica from Ms. Harlem, coming right up! Ken is a sweet man who lives in the UK, married to a SAS officer, Jack. Ken dreads when Jack is away because he never knows if Jack is on a mission where he could be critically hurt. If so, Ken's biggest fear is not being there with Jack whilst he's in pain. The hardship lovers of military men go through is nerve wracking. So when Jack returns home from his latest missing, Ken is ready to show Jack just how much he loves him.

Surprise! Jack brings one of his buddies home with him, Slider. Poor Ken's loving affection is going to have to be placed on hold, or will it? Jack hints at bringing Ken's birthday wish and fantasy to life. This is where the story becomes smoking hawt.

Ms. Harlem cranks up the heat in this short erotic m/m story. The ménage with two dominant men bookending a lovely submissive male is delicious. The undertones of D/s is a lovely touch and adds spice to the heat. Ms. Harlem provides just enough graphic description to show a vivid manlove fantasy. The characters in this story are easy to understand and uncomplicated. The focus is the reunion between lovers and an exciting new addition to their relationship. A fun and arousing read recommended for m/m lovers who enjoy men in uniform.

*I received this book as a gift

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      Who Dares Wins




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