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Yes Ma'am
Yes Ma'am by Kay Jaybee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Six sizzling femdom stories with women and men submitting to a powerful dominatrix. Swoon. This collection from Ms. Jaybee is a good sample of her erotically hawt work. She is the go to author for cock teasing D/s female dominants. The females in each of these stories are controlled, slightly sadistic and so good at commanding their submissive.

Ms. Jaybee mixes it up with authority through work and control through erotic power exchange. Sometimes the viewpoint is from the distressed and tormented submissive male. The yearning one of the males goes through while he watches two women play with each other and yet not touch is teasingly tension building. Another male is forces into a dub-con with a no win situation from his superior. Something about a military man at the mercy of wicked women is just deviant and erotic.

One of my favourites is a boyfriend tied up, blindfolded and left for a roommate to do as she wills. This one is narrated from the perspective of the female roommate crushing on the handsome hunk. What to do with a restrained male, condoms, lube and spanking implements? So many things and so little time.

Each of these stories will appeal to femdom lovers. The combinations of multiple women to one man or just an intense one-on-one will all satisfy. For those who enjoy a bit of F/f, there is a little treat for us too. This sexy femdom shortie is recommended for kinky readers who love a woman in charge.

*I received this book as a gift

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