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Beyond the Velvet Rope
Beyond the Velvet Rope by Tiffany Ashley

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Intending on reading just a few chapters, this story sucked me in and five hours later I finished the book as the sun started to creep up into the sky. My eyes blurry, I fell asleep, deeply satisfied. Ms. Ashley is a new to me author whom I'm going to keep an eye on. Beyond the Velvet Rope looks to be the start of a series. It kick starts with a bang. Thandie Shaw is a club prompter extraordinaire. Her challenge to take on a South Beach club scene when she's used to New York may be her undoing.

I really enjoyed this book because of the world building. I'm not much of a club goer anymore. So I can't validate if how the VIP lounges and clubs work in this story is realistic. I can verify that the lines are long! The detail Ms. Ashley describes in this book for promoter's job is exhausting. It's also exhilarating. If this is really how the world is like, it's a fabulous education for me. I love learning about something so different from my world yet requires similar discipline in project management. This really tripped my trigger.

The characters in this story also did it for me. I really admired and liked Thandie. She's not someone I can identify with, but I would enjoy being a friend of hers. Not to get into the clubs, but because of how she thinks and her loyalty to friends. She's a straightforward woman who is independent and ready to prove she can be just as good as any man. And through this story, the reader watches as a man callously destroys her into something she hates. It's heartbreaking. It's painful and it makes me mad. Yet I can't hate Elliot, the rat bastard.

Elliot is a micromanaging commitment phobe. He's rich and obviously riddled with issues. The fact that he helps his club managers calculate the tips for the workers at the end of the club night is crazy. This is not reasonably and I highly doubt in the real world this would exist for a man his level. To be stuck in the minutiae is unrealistic because there is no way he wouldn't be delegating this work to his trusted employees. There are many discrepancies with Elliot's behaviour and the fact that he's rich and successful in this book. For him to have loyal senior leadership team, some of his actions undermine their efforts and wouldn't be creating this high functioning team. It's not possible because there would be resentment which would show through several different avenues. Rather than dissect the organizational behaviour paradox I see here, I'm going to make allowances because these inconsistencies are to show Elliot's character flaw.

Back to the characters, Thandie and Elliot's chemistry is super hawt. Granted, the sexual tension is off the charts because Elliot is such a cock tease. He is also pushy in his arrogant control of Thandie's body in a dubious consensual manner. Elliot possess many traits which aggravate me and would normally have me hating him, yet somehow, Ms. Ashley designed him in a way that I just wanted him too. I don't understand how she did it and I gave up analyzing why Elliot worked so well for me. Elliot is an alpha male who tells it as it is. He also hides a kinky side to him that just makes me purr. I don't to be his girlfriend either. I just want to be helpless, begging for release at his talented hands, dick and tongue.

Ms. Ashley writes smoking hawt sex scenes. They aren't filled with exotic toys or crazy positions. Instead, she takes the forbidden fruit of sexual exhibition and plays with it. The danger of being caught can ignite passion like a match to flash cotton. The intense lust incited by watching live porn is all arousing. This is a flaming hot erotica and if your panties aren't moist when Elliot takes control, then you don't have a kinky bone in your body. This erotic novel is recommended for those who enjoy a nice long meaty romance with ups and downs caused by an infuriating alpha male.

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