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Edge of the Enforcer
Edge of the Enforcer by Cherise Sinclair

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The Romance Review

EDGE OF THE ENFORCER is a must read from talented erotic writer Ms. Sinclair.

Lindsey is a woman in hiding. She's hiding from corrupt law enforcement agents as well as wrongful murder charges. Even though she's staying on the down low with a new identity, she can't resist the BDSM scene. This is a safe haven for her because most everyone is discreet about their life outside the club. Photos are usually prohibited as well as discussing the "outside" life.

While Lindsey is part of the club, she doesn't play too much. She prefers to watch, specifically the scenes with deVries. Master deVries decompresses at Haven, especially after one of his ops. Although he works security for one of the other dominant at Haven, he picks up side jobs for another for-hire group specializing in rescue and recovery. His job is literally life and death. It's no wonder he needs something to help him unwind. It's no surprise he leans towards heavy impact play as well as edgeplay. Known as the Enforcer at Dark Haven, his intensity is panty-wetting goodness.

The plot and conflict of this story is smooth as expected from Ms. Sinclair. The characters are great, too. Rather than do a breakdown and assess the character creation, world building and plot, I'm going to focus on how she developed her characters' relationship. On paper, Lindsey and Zander don't match up well because Lindsey is more into sensual play and D/s. While Zander does enjoy D/s and some sensual play, his real hunger is for heavier SM. This can be a problem for a couple because the needs don't meet. The conflict created by the differences is prevalent in the community. Many couples do crash and burn because someone will become resentful or the party not getting their needs met will look elsewhere. Ms. Sinclair does an excellent job of providing an alternative which both Lindsey and Zander gladly accept. It does hinge upon a concept which many couples can't compromise upon. Zander can feed his sadistic tendencies by being a Service Top with Lindsey's approval of partners. This is divine. It's the best of both worlds.

From a BDSM perspective, Ms. Sinclair once again does a smash up job. She shows how triggers can be more than just a bad sexual experience or a bad BDSM scene. She pens some erotically hawt scenes, one which includes knifeplay and a bit of mind-fucking. Each of the scenes in the club are ones I've seen in dungeons and parties I've attended. The BDSM community Ms. Sinclair exhibits in the story is still a bit more romanticized compared to reality. While there are dominants and submissives/bottoms with the same beliefs and attitudes as the ones at Dark Haven, the balance between the positives and ones like HurtMe is probably more 70/30. In this story, HurtMe comes across as an exception. In real life, those like HurtMe are not exactly prolific, but it's not a rarity.

This story is a perfect blend of BDSM scenes and real life baggage with a twist of suspense. This is a book I couldn't put down and read into the wee hours of the night. Highly recommended for BDSM lovers who have graduated past the Gateway to BDSM stories. Buy this book now.

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