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Fatal Affair
Fatal Affair by Ann Jacobs

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

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Sex and politics seem to go hand in hand. In the start of this new series, Ms. Jacobs may infuriate readers with this touchy subject.

Lanie Winstead is in a marriage of convenience. When she finally decides enough is enough, she asks for a divorce. Unfortunately for her, her husband is a Senator with a dirty aide who isn't above slandering the innocent and destroying lives to get ahead.

The conflict in this story is a train wreck waiting to happen. Lanie and JD Ackerman cannot wait for Lanie's divorce so they sneak around for their affair. It is never clear to me why those who are in the public light make poor choices when it comes to sexual relations. Cheating on a spouse despite a so-called separation is just a bad idea. The characters in this story, who are supposedly good lawyers, make the worst decisions. They pull a too-stupid-to-live move several times. I guess it's true when they say "love makes a person stupid".

The characters in this story are okay. Neither one generate a feeling of warmth. Neither one is that interesting for me nor did I root for them. Their chemistry is mild. What is interesting is how Lanie pulled herself out of poverty. And this is where readers may become irritated. I never understood why stripping is such a stigma. I don't understand why people judge it. It can pay well, and for those looking to fund an education, it's an attractive option. Why this is held against Lanie is beyond my comprehension.

The BDSM portrayed in this book is aggravating at times. Lanie's journey of submission with JD is sweet and seen through a pair of rose-colored glasses. The BDSM shown through Lanie's husband puts BDSM in a negative light which I'm not so thrilled about. While Lanie does comes to understand her husband's needs, it still leaves a bad taste behind.

This story moves at a decent pace. The resolution is no surprise and nicely tidied up with a bow. This story is recommended for those who enjoy a bit of kink and a dash of suspense.

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