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Killing Time
Killing Time by Jane Davitt

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Magic lovers and urban fantasy lovers, unite! KILLING TIME is for those who love stories filled with spells, demons, wizards and a haughty black cat. This story has the same feel as the early Kim Harrison's The Hollows series when it comes to magic. There is no whining from the main characters which is a major plus and relief.

Max and Kaelan are casters who crossed paths five years ago when Kaelan stumbles onto a blood sacrifice Max is trying to stop. The initial meeting didn't go well but after years of working together, they are best friends as well as business partners.

First off, this story is heavy on the world building, specifically in how magic works in this world. I loved it. The way it's mixed with chemistry to some degree and how spells should work as well as how portals can be created tripped my trigger. For those who don't enjoy the details of a spell, this may be a bit overwhelming and a tad dry. For me, it shows duos Davitt and Snow spent a lot of time thinking about how their world would work and making sure it made sense. This I respect greatly. It strokes the inner fringe science geek in me.

Second, the characters are so loveable. While the plot unravels to reveal a terrible evil, Jannes, these two guys are finally taking their relationship to the next level. They already share history and intimacy, but not sexual intimacy. The sexual tension in this story is thick as the two wrestle with how their friendship could change. Personally, this part of the story could have moved a little bit faster for me. Still, it is amusing to watch as Max and Kaelan dance around professing their sexual desires. Not to be left out, their haughty black cat, Bast does provide some entertainment.

Bast padded over to join them and sat down, nonchalantly cocking one leg in the air and applying his tongue to his butt. Max didn't doubt for one second it was the feline equivalent of a raised middle finger. (pg. 311)

What I really enjoyed about this book is the meatiness. I could fully immerse myself in this world and see each of the places. Duos Davitt and Snow do a superb job with painting a clear picture with words. The mix of romance, mystery and magic brings this story to life. It is as if I were watching a movie. It's a rush and when I finished, I wanted more.

Recommended for m/m readers who love books opening portals into a world filled with magic.

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