Review: Lords and Ladies: Two Medieval Spanking Novellas

Lords and Ladies: Two Medieval Spanking Novellas
Lords and Ladies: Two Medieval Spanking Novellas by Korey Mae Johnson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

An independent lady of the castle is going to do everything she can to stay out of the clutches of a cruel interlopper. In Under Siege, Lady Camilla is in trouble. She does not have a man to protect her or her people. As a widow, she needs a either a loyal champion or a strong husband. A ruthless sell sword comes to her rescue instead of her expected knight in shining armor. Quite fortuitous for Camilla, as Sir Balen is the better man.

This story is sweet and reminds me of Catherine Coulter historical romances. I loved those romances. Ms. Rose's romance is kinkier with sexy spankings and domestic discipline. This is a well written story with good conflict. Ms. Rose does use misunderstandings as an additional conflict which doesn't work for me. Camilla is rather impulsive for one who's been running the castle keep for so many years. One would think she'd know better. Still, it worked for this story. This novella contains good characters, great spankings and a happily ever after.

In Quite Decided by Ms. Johnson, the story contrasts from the first one with a despicable character. Bratty self-centered Wenda deserves a bare ass birching. Her manipulations are understandable for a foolish eighteen year old avoiding marriage to a decrepit old man. The degree she took it to is unconscionable.

This story is saved by Talus, a father figure for Wenda. Talus is tricked into saving Wenda at the risk of both his and her reputation. Honestly, this story didn't work for me because I disliked all the characters except for Talus. The spanking discipline is fine. Talus's head of household attitude is also attractive. Why anyone would want Wenda is a mystery. She's a hothead just like her brothers. Even the secondary characters are distasteful in their hasty bad judgment. The way Wenda's brothers easily turn on family is despicable and detracts from the story.

The conflict in this story is predictable and felt forced. With the lack of likeable characters and the obvious machinations of Wenda's cousin, it was a hard read. Personally, I would have liked Wenda to be beaten bloody for her tricks.

The first novella is a 3 star for me. The second one is a 2 star. This gives an average of 2.5 star. This historical romance is recommended to those who enjoy bratty women who need to be taken in hand.

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