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My Wicked Masters
My Wicked Masters by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Club Wicked Series is a stellar solid 4 star series. In the latest installment, My Wicked Masters, Ms. Mayburn pens another fabulous story. This one tugs on the heartstrings. Rhiannon aka Goddess at Club Wicked is a snarky and confrontational wait staff. She's can freeze a male dominant's dick off with her icy glare. She cuts a male dominant's balls off with her sharp tongue. Yet she wants to train to be a submissive.

Goddess appeared briefly in previous books. She didn't leave a positive impression. With her as the main character in this book, it is debatable if the story would work for me. Within the first few paragraphs, I'm hooked. Within the first few chapters, my eyes are leaking and I'm still denying it was tears. I read this story in one sitting; I couldn't stop reading it.

Ms. Mayburn creates amazing characters. Goddess is a misunderstood and severely traumatized person. Usually, I'm not a fan of this kind of character getting into the lifestyle. Ms. Mayburn writes it in a way that makes it so good. Rhiannon is already done with therapy. She now wants to live and take back her sexuality. For someone with her background, she's come a long way. Every reveal in Rhiannon's life breaks my heart a little more. I don't know how Ms. Mayburn does her research or comes up with her ideas. She did a phenomenal job in the American Roma gypsies. By showing the contrasts between Rhiannon's upbringing and after her fall from "grace", it makes this story more powerfully emotional. More eye leakage will occur as the full history is revealed.

Ms. Mayburn does not stop with the Rhiannon's pain. While the reader is already bent over is sorrow, she gut punches us with Master Liam and Rory's rocky relationship. Liam's family's stance on alternative lifestyles is not uncommon. Their action and response to those who are different is abhorrent. Liam's fear is that of a young boy. When something so painful is experienced at an impressionable age, it is hard to overcome, no matter how a boy grows up to be a strong man. The struggle for Liam to accept Rory's love while helping Goddess become a trained submissive is almost too much.

Ms. Mayburn brings it all together and it's beautiful. Her writing style is smooth and rich. The characters are loveable. The sex is smoking hawt. The BDSM is to die for. The club is once again a fantasy play land. This story does revolve around a club for the rich. It's the only reason why I categorize this as glitterkink. The BDSM is realistic. The lessons in how to be a submissive is definitely a way some learn to become a submissive. To be the focus of two men is a heady sensation. Still, Goddess does come across as a disrespectful bratty sub which is all too common. Once it's clear why she response the way she does, it's painful to watch. Ms. Mayburn does a great job of showing how triggers could occur during a session. She also shows how the three work together to overcome the issues. This is not to say that it can be done in every situation. In this one, it turned out to be a happily ever after.

Ms. Mayburn is an auto-buy because her stories are moving and her characters are great. For those who enjoy a bit of emotional wringer and hawt BDSM intimacy, this is the book for you.

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