Review: Poison Promise

Poison Promise
Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ganging up on Gin is no longer a surprise. It's a given someone is always trying to kill Gin. In Poison's Promise, Ms. Estep steps it up a notch with more graphic torture. This is a 3.5 star book for me. Gin is still trying to keep her head above the water with the number of criminals trying to make a name for themselves by taking out Gin. In the previous couple of books, it seemed Gin was taking a passive stance. She is really tired of killing, especially since she isn't being paid for it. Honestly, she should be bankrolled by the local government for taking out all this trash.

In this one, the old Gin is back. It did take a painful metaphorical stab in the heart by her sister and some physical torture by a sadistic psychopathic vampire to jumpstart Gin into action. Gin is no longer playing defense. She is moving to offense and it's a refreshing turn. Doubly so since Mab Monroe's heir is finally revealed. Is it a shocking surprise? No. This new arc promises to be an interesting one. Will Ms. Estep repeat the drawn out battle between Gin and Mab with Mab's heir in the new role? Or will this take a different direction. I predict a similar yet slightly different direction. This is because Gin is older now and she doesn't have to prove herself. In addition, Gin's support group is now larger and with more elemental power.

Just when I think Gin is becoming stale, I learn more about her past and how it impacts her future. Gin is a complicated character who does the best she can with what she's been dealt. I admire this about her. Even though Gin is a killer, she is one with a conscience. She's the ultimate protector archetype. She uses her mad killing skills for good. I do like how Ms. Estep still makes Gin vulnerable. Although Gin is blessed with two elemental powers, she still does get into trouble where death is a possibility. Ms. Estep does a good job of showcasing how Gin can't do it on her own in addition to designing plausible scenarios of how Gin gets out of the mess. I like how it isn't easy for Gin. There are no magic pills for an instant cure. There is no magic wand or get out of jail free card. Still, I wonder how long Gin is going to be able to keep this up. Sooner or later someone bigger and badder will take Gin down for good. There doesn't seem to be an out for Gin unless she were to leave this place for good. She has to constantly keep her guard up. It is exhausting.

My favourite scene is a showdown between Gin and the evil bloodsucker. It's righteous and badass. It is reminiscent of a shootout at high noon. It's an adrenaline rush and I wish there were more scenes like this one. It is the highlight of the book. This urban fantasy is recommended to those who like a killer heroine.

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