Review: A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women
A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women by Kristina Wright

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Princesses bound, spanked and sexual torments is my kind of fairy tale. In A Princess Bound, Ms. Wright brings together an awesome collection of fairy tales retold. There are seventeen erotically delicious stories in this anthology and I loved every single one of them. Usually, in a collection, I may like about half of the stories if I'm lucky. Sometimes, a collection is disappointing and I only like two to three out of the couple of dozen choices. Ms. Wright does an amazing job in her selection because every single story is seductive and well written.

Each story takes a turn with some of the popular and less popular fairy tales. Some of them are set in the days long past. Others take on a fresh look with a modern twist. Each of them have one thing in common. They contain an element of sexual yearning. Sometimes the story ends in a happily ever after. Sometimes it hints at a happily ever after. The two that stick out in my mind the most are because they involve water creatures. As a water baby, I can't help but be seduced by Laila Blake's selkie in Sealed. Just as I love the mermaid in Rose de Fer's Out of the Waves.

What surprised me the most in this collection are the sexual combinations. I thought for sure this would be all bondage with a maledom theme. Instead, there are a couple of stories with f/f dominance which tickles my fancy. There is even a taste of femdom as a modern day Cinderella takes control of her Prince Charming for a wild night. Another is the hint of femdom when Jules confronts the Fairy King in The Smith Under the Hill. Of all the ones which makes me want to read more, I must confess, The Smith Under the Hill would be the one. Why? Because the Fae are sly tricky creatures who change their mind on a whim. Will Jules survive the love of a Fae King? What delicious torments will he perpetrate on her body? How will he violate her night after night? Will he keep her on edge until she loose her mind? Or will he force her to experience orgasm after orgasm until she expires? The danger from this seductive male is what thrills and arouses me the most.

Each of these stories are well crafted. They are tightly written with a beginning, middle and an end. From start to end, this book keeps a reader simmering in arousal. It is a pleasure to read every single one of these stories. They are all different and well done. I hope another series of fairy tales will come forth from Ms. Wright. Perhaps the next set will up the ante with a darker erotic theme. Recommended for all readers who want a good erotic book to get the juices flowing.

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