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Recruited by Ethan Stone

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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Those enamoured with protective males, this is the series for you.

In the third book in the Uniformity series, Mr. Stone features Dylan Hoss. Dylan Hoss comes across as Nicolas Cage in Con Air. The reason why Dylan is in prison is because he broke the law. However, for many readers, his act is justified and readers may argue he shouldn't be imprisoned. Dylan is a good man with ethics and fortunately a supportive family.

The new cellmate, Joey Campbell, is a sweet boy and easy pickings for the rougher prisoners--specifically, a well-known gang. Dylan does his best to steer Joey through the prison system and stay protected. Through their interactions, they become closer and then intimate. Unfortunately, their time together is too short and they part ways before they can build upon their relationship.

Mr. Stone creates amazing characters. He blurs the line. Are the characters good? Are the characters bad? Based on Dylan's crime, he should be categorized as bad. But the intent shows another story. Joey's reappearance into Dylan's life after Dylan is out on parole is a surprise only for Dylan. For readers, it may not be a shock because Mr. Stone sets it up well with hints to explain Joey's role. When a third male is introduced into the story, Keegan, Mr. Stone messes with the reader's mind even more. Keegan is sexy, altruistic and the great match for Dylan.

Mr. Stone's writing is smooth and enjoyable. His forte is character development and plot twists. This story did keep me guessing time after time. He throws in several red herrings. This is fun because it is a lesson that everyone has a story about why they do something. For a person to assume why another person does something based on little glimpses into their life may lead to false conclusions.

This is a 3.5 star book and recommended to those who enjoy traversing a winding road to reach their final destination.

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