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Relapse by Tara Crescent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another lovely installment of Lisa and Patrick's budding relationship. The title is definitely appropriate as there is a bit of setback between Lisa and Patrick. It's a good one though. This one really shows how Lisa and Patrick are both getting over their past and trying to move on into a healthy relationship.

There is definitely growth exhibited by Lisa which is a relief. It was iffy with the second book because Lisa came across as a typical crazy female. Patrick's hang up is surprising and it's a well written point concerning his "anti-Andrea" focus.

The medical kink in this story is a bit more subdued yet still arousing. For those who enjoy enemas, this is a light one good to erotic-ize enema play. This is a sweet romance which ends in a note making me yearn for more. Next up, will it perhaps be Patrick's parents introduction? From a sexual perspective, can we dare hope for some fisting? *fingers crossed*

The only thing which throws me about this story is flipping from 1st point of view between Lisa and Patrick. I don't like it and it is a personal preference. It makes it more difficult even if they are switching between chapters because Patrick's point of view doesn't differentiate too much from Lisa's. Their voices come across the same. Because of this, I have to constantly remind myself which mind I'm in. Is this Lisa or Patrick? My recommendation is to go either 3rd person or to change how Patrick and Lisa come across. Because their first person voice is almost identical to me. They way they talk, the way they ponder about issues, and they way they relate to their friends is the same.

This kinky story is recommended to BDSM lovers who enjoy the medical scenes.

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      Relapse (Doctor Dom, #4)




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