Review: Safeword Matte -- In Training

Safeword Matte -- In Training
Safeword Matte -- In Training by Candace Blevins

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Somebody's going to get a beating, and I know who it is. In the second book to the Matte's arc, Sam struggles with the rules she set up with Ethan. From a character perspective, I don't like Sam anymore. I still like Ethan even though the first third of the book, I wanted to kick his ass. (Okay, we all know there is no way I could kick his ass since he's a fighter, but you know what I'm saying.)

This book has me conflicted because the beginning of the book is emotionless and too clinical for me. It comes across as an anal training 201 book. Since the title is "in training", it makes sense. For me, it's a bit too dull even though it is necessary. It sets up for the next book.

Sam really struggles in this book. She struggles against Ethan and his training. For the most part of this book, it's a power struggle instead of an erotic power exchange. This never goes well for me. I don't like reading this type of situation. Does it happen? Of course it does and when two people are so strong in this manner, it is realistic. I just don't like it. I feel bad for Ethan. He's doing what he can for Sam because of what the both wanted. She's not holding up her end of the bargain. In addition, she lashes out at him in a way that really pissed me off. I've walked on eggshells around a guy before and it's not fun. Ethan has to do this around Sam and I feel bad for him.

There is a scene in here which may be controversial for some. I am going to probably take an unpopular stance. Sam had it coming. She could have avoided all of this if she just didn't have Ethan come over. She doesn't communicate well enough for such a mouthy wench. Ms. Blevins does an excellent job of showing both sides of the story. Even if I don't like how it happened, I understand why it happened and it does help show conflict between the two characters. It also shows there is lack of trust in this relationship. Without trust, how can the D/s work? It can't. So they better start communicating with each other and getting the trust back, or this is just going to go sideways.

In this book there is also discussion around a contract. Not many books go into this kind of detail. Ms. Blevins is known for contracts so it didn't surprise me. I liked it. Another thing I can always count on with Ms. Blevins is the intense BDSM. The sex and BDSM punishment scenes in this book is hawt! I really enjoyed it. Then again, I'm an anal loving slut.

The last third of the book is when it really gets good for me. We start to see more emotion and connection between Sam and Ethan. The family members start to appear and there is the bachelorette party. I liked it. I really like the transgender person in this story. HAWT! Then again I'm pansexual so it's cool for me. I go with the flow with gender fluidity. The other topic brought up is racism which I find amusing. It's not so much racism as racial prejudice. Sam's response to it is not that bad, but still uncalled for in my book. I think it's because I can see it from both sides. Plus, being Chinese, I see prejudices more frequently - from both sides.

Then ending of this book makes me yearn to read the next one. So off I go to read the next book. Ms. Blevins crafts a delightful book with flawed characters, intense anal training and exacting SM. Recommended for BDSM readers who want a bird's eye view in how TPE can be in real life.

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