Review: Spike's Day Out

Spike's Day Out
Spike's Day Out by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hedgehogs are the cutest little animals. For a person to shifts into a hedgehog, it boggles the mind since they are such little animals. Spike is the only hedgehog left. It appears something is hunting them into extinction. What can a cute little rodent do? Especially one that is in a family of bunny rabbits.

Ms. Masters does it again with a fun story of fluffy bunnies, a horny hedgehog and a sexy swan. One might think a hedgehog shifter would avoid trouble. Instead, she works with the Shifter Council to help trap those hunting defenseless shifters.

This story is fun because the bunnies with their Easter hunt steals the show. The focus is protecting Spike and yet all a reader can focus on are the plentiful bouncing bunnies. The description of how the older rabbit shifters change to help this community bonding event is precious. Usually when large clans of rabbits are together, I think of the scary Watership Downs rabbits. Now it is replaced with this endearing Easter egg hunt.

I'm never sure what kind of matching Ms. Masters will make when she pairs animals together. The earlier ones made sense. A hedgehog and a swan don't make sense on paper, yet when reading through the story, it is so good. These happy ever after romances are sweet and addictive. Each glimpse of this shifter world gives a reader a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness. This paranormal romance is recommended to those who love their happily ever afters.

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      Spike's Day Out (Shifting Crossroads, #16)




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